Market value comparison with resepect to the Automobile Sector

Global carbon footprints are a rising issue of concern for the world; apart from it, waste management is another very serious issue that is needed to be addressed globally. Moreover, energy needs are ever-increasing, and coal and petroleum reserve are limited. The Automobile sector accounts for 14% of total carbon emissions across the world. We know the electrification of vehicles is a great move and the market cap of this sector is expected to grow to $801.2bn by 2027.  
Agri waste like cow manure and stubs burning account for a total of 50% of carbon emission across the world, plus If we take the problem of human waste tackling it is again a billion-dollar problem as it pollutes rivers and water bodies and again spread water-borne diseases, plus we think it is a very valuable resource if taken the volume of a waste human produces worldwide, we are wasting a whole lot of our resources and we can create a great value out of nothing and host a whole new field of sustainable energy generation and organic fertilizer production system to create a worldwide monopoly. So, a direct comparison with the automobile sector tells that problem of tackling agri-waste effectively can generate approximately 400% more value in terms of reducing carbon footprints in direct comparison to the automobile sector.

Energy Production Potential from Indian Dairy Farms

India accounts for the world's largest cattle population(35.6% of the total world cattle population is in India) and a single cow can produce 0.4MW or 400kwh energy in a single month, apart from that the slurry that remains can be used in the farming sector. but the challenge is that the cattle population is diversified in India unlike other major cattle countries like the USA or China. So, if we could align the diversified dairy farmers with the decentralized bio-mass energy plants the production potential is huge. if we initially aim for just capturing 0.25% of the cattle population of Uttar Pradesh only (a major Indian state) and connect them to our franchised decentralized bio-mass energy production plants then we could produce 800Mw energy monthly (approximately) which is equivalent to the world largest bio-mass energy plant (Ironbridge power plan, U.K). This energy produced is worth $7.5Million in a single month from material for which earlier dairy farmers used to pay, to get rid of. Apart from energy, we will be left with bio-fertilizer, again the worth of millions of dollars.

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